How to reach out to alumni, advisors, professors and get the best response By Stephen Weiss

Feeling anxious about going to office hours? Worried that you are a bother to your advisor or professor? Stephen Weiss once felt the same way but found that almost everyone gladly offers help, given that you make it easy on them. Weiss offers key communication strategies that have turned silence into success.

Setting Yourself Apart From The Crowd - By Peter Goodrich
With Economics being one of the largest majors on a campus with just under 30,000 undergraduate students, it can be challenging to differentiate your background in economics from that of your peers. Peter Goodrich (a 2011 Econ grad) shares how he found his passion within the field and developed complementary skills around that.

How To Identify Your Ideal Employer - Charlie Pope
The size of an employer can impact your job experience in surprising ways. Working at a small company may provide flexibility and opportunities for entrepreneurship. Conversely, a larger company can give a sense of structure and stability. Charlie Pope offers several important questions gleaned from his career experiences across the spectrum that will help you find the right fit.

Finding the Right Industry for You- Andrew Finn

The quantitative and problem solving skills developed by the economics major facilitates careers across numerous industries. Picking the right one can be challenging to say the least. Fortunately, that may not be necessary. Andrew Finn describes how he has embraced that uncertainty.

How to Best Present the Econ Major to Employers- Taylor Kostal

The great thing about a degree in economics is the many different career paths that it opens. With such a versatile degree it can be challenging to figure out which skills to highlight to employers. Taylor Kostal '13 gives pointers based on his success overcoming preferences for finance majors in the financial sector.

Advice for Finding and Getting Internships- Lucy Hong
It’s never too early to start thinking about pursuing an internship. Given the numerous possibilities out there, the process can be overwhelming. Drawing on her own successful internships, Lucy Hong ’12 shares specific tips and advice for students.

Using Economics on the Job- Lowell Ricketts

Sometimes it's difficult to connect what you learn in the classroom with what you will use in your career. Lowell Ricketts '09 uses much of what he learned in econ classes on a daily basis as an analyst at the St. Louis Fed. Learn more about which courses and skills helped him succeed after school.

Insights from my Carrer Path- Richard Qian
In the inaugural post of the WEYAC blog Richard Qian ’10 reflects on his varied career path and decision to enroll in the Harvard MBA program. Often times it is difficult to foresee where your career path will lead. Qian highlights several ways in which his econ degree prepared him for anything.