Career Trips

Every semester, ESA takes a group of members on a career trip to visit businesses, learn more about potential careers, and expand their network. In previous semesters we have gone to Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis, and other cities. Below are testimonials from students who have attended these trips, along with information on previous trips.


After the trip, I felt empowered that I was an Economics major and it made me excited about all the opportunities I have in this field. I had a lot of questions about what I wanted to do with economics before the New York trip and after meeting with all the companies and Wisconsin Alumni, I felt I was headed in the right direction.
-Elena Rolseth (Class of 2019)
I had an incredible experience when I went on the New York trip. You can learn all the Econ that you want in class, but it’s a subject that’s very hard to see first hand in the business world. Going on this trip offers the that first hand look into subject and really see how it works within these different companies.
-Abby Coppens (Class of 2018)

Fall 2017-Chicago

Spring 2017- New York City